Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey all,

I am so excited to share that we had a salvation after of first Bait of Satan class on Wednesday night. Our God is awesome. Dealing with offenses can be the most freeing activity a believer can experience. I have had numerous people testifying to the work of the Holy Spirit in their life just after this one class (keep your eyes open for the salvation testimony online in the coming weeks).Thank you Jesus.

We are having our prayer and prophesy night at the church tonight, I hope as many as can will come and put their life on the altar with other saints for a while, it will be a blessing for sure.

I am so excited today for several reasons but probably the most important is the feeling I get when I enter the presence of the Lord. I can feel His joy, and grace. How powerful it is to know that in His presence is Life ever more. We don't have to wait until we pass from this life to experience true freedom in Him. We can begin to know that right now today. If you haven't had a chance yet to experience His life today, then just take a quick moment and begin to worship Him and thank Him for who He is... and begin to experience real freedom. Psalm 16:11

Be Blessed,
Pastor Randy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bait of Satan

Hello All,

I hope you are getting excited about John Bevere's "Bait of Satan" class tonight I know that I am. We will be going over workbook chapter 1 so have as much of that filed out as you can. That corresponds to the first 2 chapters of the book. What you cannot fill out will be answered by the video we will show tonight. If you just got your books or haven't got them yet do not worry still come and be blessed it will be even easier to catch up on after you have seen the video.

Anyway keep trusting in His Grace today, it is sufficient to get you through any troubles you may be facing. He has a perfect plan for our lives, and as we yield to Him, He empowers us to rise above and be free in Him. don't try to fix your own problems, it usually ends up worse anyway. But through God's infinite wisdom and grace we can be over-comers.


Monday, January 17, 2011

God is Good

This is my first blog on my new blogspot. Please check often for updates and encouragement from the word. I have been impressed lately to stay focused in the simple things of Christ. Sometimes we get too bogged down with trying so hard to understand the mysteries of God that we forget that the majority of our victories come through simply acting out on the promises that the Lord has spoken to us. Things like applying the blood of the cross to our lives everyday and living in the covenant the Lord has freely given to us. We can overcome simply by that process (thanks Pastor George awesome word BTW). Other things that can be easily applied are invoking the mightiest name of all JESUS (if you are living by the terms of the covenant) this name can be our mightiest weapon that we  can weild. The enemy cannot be around that name it strikes fear into his heart, he and his minions flee at the precious name. Be blessed today faithful servants of the King this is our day to band together like never before. The Lord loves his church and is bringing together his body as never before.

Pastor Randy